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We prioritize collaborative relationships with top tier partners, integrating their knowledge & technology to create solutions that meet our clients needs.

Electric SQL

The standard sync layer for local-first apps. Build reactive, real-time, local-first apps directly on Postgres.

"Local-first is the best way of building modern apps and Axil is the best team for building local-first apps. We highly recommend them."

James Arthur

James Arthur

CEO of ElectricSQL

Key Benefits

  • Instant reactivity

  • Real time multi-user support

  • Always conflict free

  • Reduce cost to scale - eliminate APIs & Microservers

  • Reduce cost of reliability - redundancy is no longer required

  • Reduce cloud costs for AI business - move AI services to the local device

  • Eliminate backend services - reducing maintenance & request load costs

  • Reduce operational burden - via offline support

Is Your Product a Fit?


  • Retail

  • Transit

  • Construction

  • Industrial & Manufacturing

  • IOT


  • Companies using Postgres

  • Companies building dashboard, SAAS management platforms, & team base systems

  • Companies that want a better UX or offline experience

  • Companies looking to build local device AI applications

  • Companies who have a mobile workforce

  • Companies developing agile software

Let's make things happen

Axil is thrilled to welcome new local first software companies, advocates, and projects to our network.