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Enhance customer experience while saving money. Experts in the maturing field of Local First software.

What is Local First software?

A collection of new technologies that blend the old offline device paradigm with the current resilient cloud paradigm, making cloud optional.

Why Adopt Local First?

Prioritize your user’s data ownership

As regulations increasingly emphasize data privacy and ownership, users are gaining more control. Stay ahead of the curve by embracing local-first software, empowering your users to take ownership of their data from the start.

A faster & better user experience

Uninterrupted experience and immediate access to your data. Kill off annoying loading indicators and don't worry about if you are online or offline.


Data breaches are rampant today, driven by the allure of centralized cloud data for hackers. However, with local-first software, your data stays on your device, often end-to-end encrypted for added security. This reduces its appeal to hackers and minimizes data in transit, lessening interception risks.

Offline Collaboration

After investing effort into a collaborative document, you discover you were offline, returning to find your edits overwritten by others. Local-first technology safeguards against such losses, preserving users' hard work.

Cut costs on your cloud bill

Utilizing local first software allows you to conduct processing on your users device instead of the cloud. Many applications can function without relying on the cloud, requiring minimal cloud infrastructure mainly for synchronization purposes, resulting in reduced data throughput by syncing only changes and eliminating unnecessary data transmission to users.

Offline Availability

Hate it when you lose wifi, are on a plane with no wifi, or in a country that you don’t have coverage in. No worries, local first software allows your app to always be available.

How the Axil T.E.A.M. works

We believe in customizing our consulting services to meet the unique requirements of each client. Our comprehensive range of consulting services includes a wide array of options, ranging from simple assessments to fully managed solutions.

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  • Determine if local first software is a good fit for your businesses app.
  • Free consultation; A chance for us to understand your business needs and for your team to get to know our team, expertise, and solutions.


  • Develop a plan to migrate your app to local first (just a part of your app or the whole thing).
  • We will interview key internal stakeholders & review your business and product documentation, creating a report to analyze/implement local first tooling.


  • Build your business a local first software solution.
  • We will design, architect, and implement software solutions using local first tools and software that are tailored to meet your technical objectives.


  • Continually update your local first software to be best in class and in sync with industry trends.
  • We manage the local first software components such as required updates, feature improvements, and direct support with the service provider.

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